UrFU and Taiyuan University of Technology joint master’s curriculum in Smart Energy Systems

The Ural Power Engineering Institute of the Ural Federal University has won a grant from the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China for the joint master’s degree program “Energy for Smart Cities” with Taiyuan University of Technology. The program covers the engineering issues of modern urban grids, the development and operation of power equipment and ways to integrate modern information technologies into the power industry infrastructure.

Chinese students will be trained entirely in English, where 50% of the program will be taught by teachers from Ural Power Engineering Institute and 50% by teachers from Taiyuan University of Technology. As a result, graduates will receive two diplomas – an UrFU diploma and a Taiyuan University’s diploma. Alexandra Khalyasmaa, head of the educational program, associate professor of the Ural Power Engineering Institute, emphasized: “This is an exclusive grant for a joint-degree program, which will allow us to train up to 40 students from China every year for the next 6 years. In the fall semester 2022 we will enroll our first students”. Thus, on the international cooperation basis, professionals with unique competencies in the field of modern urban smart grids will be trained.

The “Energy for Smart Cities” master’s degree program originated from the ESSENCE core curriculum, which was developed within the framework of the Erasmus+ project with the financial support of the European Union in 2017 – 2021.