Current priority of world energy industry is designing of Smart Energy Systems (SES) which contributes to deployment of an interdisciplinary approach integrating achievements of energy technologies and IT. In Russia and Vietnam this trend is also a part of national Digitalization programs. Along with the technologies development, energy sector requires specialists able to meet the challenges and capable to conceive, develop and implement innovative solutions under diverse conditions. On the contrary to the European countries which have been developing, applying SES technologies and integrating corresponding knowledge and experience of industry into education programs smoothly within last two decades, Russian and Vietnamese universities face the situation when SES technologies are being rapidly utilized by the industry, however, the industry lacking qualified SES specialists and the processes of education modernization are lagging the industry development pace. Thus in order to satisfy the needs of Russian and Vietnamese energy sectors in engineers of new format, the project ESSENCE “Establishing smart energy system curriculum in Russian and Vietnamese universities” was realised by the consortium consisting of 3 EU, 5 RU and 2 VN universities aimed at modernisation of existing and lunching new master degree programs in the field of SES in a way to meet the requirements and expectations of main stakeholders, in accordance with Bologna requirements and European Qualification Framework (EQF) and in close cooperation with industry.