P5/INRTU: let’s sum up

P5/INRTU has summed up the results of ESSENCE project realization at the University.

Professor Konstantin Suslov, academic supervisor of the project at INRTU, shared his opinion: “We have reached all goals and objectives we set and even more. Our Department of Power Supply and Electrical Engineering is the direct beneficiary of ESSENCE project. And we have gained a lot: our faculty enhanced its competence in curriculum development and advanced teaching techniques; thanks to developed disciplines of the core curriculum, the staff advanced their professional knowledge and skills; new equipment – hardware – allows our students to train their skills under almost real working conditions while purchased software lets our students stay connected remotely and do lab works online. We have launched the master degree program “Digital power engineering” that will equip the graduates with a deep understanding of the electrical power engineering domain as well as expert skills to contribute to more sustainable and up-to-date energy solutions. Finally, we have acquired new partners in industry and academia and strengthened existing cooperative ties. Indeed, a lot has been done. And our primary goal now is to save the results and multiply them. I am 100% sure that those assets – HR first of all – we have acquired during the project lifetime will become a basis for numerous future projects!”

The impact of the project on the University level is also quite obvious and valuable: participation in the EU Erasmus+ projects contributes to the international recognition of the University; QA mechanisms applied both for project management and new program realization set new standards; the new master degree program developed in close cooperation with industry and EU experts, aligned with Bologna requirements and EQF has become the part of the portfolio of top educational programs offered by the University; established partnership relations have already become the starting point for new cooperative arrangements.