RU partners are ready to export educational services in the field of digital power engineering

4 Russian ESSENCE partners train engineering students under master degree programs launched/ modernized within the framework of Erasmus+ ESSENCE project: Tomsk Polytechnic University, Irkutsk National Research Technical University, Ural Federal University, and Kazan State Power Engineering University. 

The main objective of the project was to develop the core master-level curriculum consisting of 10 key disciplines in close cooperation with industry and EU experts in accordance with EQF and Bologna requirements.

“The project started with profound needs analysis when 150 academic staff, 1100 students, and 400 industry representatives were surveyed regarding their needs in the field of smart energy systems. Based on survey analysis, we determined the competencies of a power engineer of the future. We are sure that project results will contribute to the enhancement of quality of training of interdisciplinary specialists who are experts in the field of digitalization of power systems, have practical skills of application of modern information technologies” – said Anton Prokhorov, associate professor from Tomsk Polytechnic University, ESSENCE project RU coordinator.

The academic supervisor of ESSENCE master program at Irkutsk National Research Technical University professor Konstantin Suslov emphasizes that the program encompasses the most comprehensive and up-to-date disciplines. “It was a challenge for us to agree upon the list of courses of the core curriculum since we had to take into account the suggestions of our industrial partners, of all consortium members from partner countries and EU” – told professor Suslov.   

“During the project lifetime, we succeeded to become a real team that functions very efficiently even under the hard conditions of COVID-19 pandemic when the borders were closed and the life moved online. We are now not only partners but also friends” – told Yulia Zatsarinnaya, academic supervisor of ESSENCE project at Kazan State Power Engineering University.

“Within the framework of the project, we have developed teaching materials for SES core curriculum, that have been peer-reviewed by leading EU experts, industry representatives, and have been piloted and implemented at universities in partner countries. The project resulted in the launch/modernization of the following master degree programs at RU partners: “Smart energy systems” at KSPEU, “Digital power engineering” at INRTU, “Power systems operation and control” and “Information technologies for electrical power industry” at Tomsk Polytechnic University while at our Ural Federal University we are launching the program “Artificial intelligence for power industry application” – said ESSENCE project coordinator at Ural Federal University Dr. Stanislav Eroshenko.