Hanoi University of Mining and Geology

I General Information

  • Name of program in Vietnamese: KỸ THUẬT ĐIỆN Program code: 8520201
  • Faculty/Department: Electrification
  • Diploma: Master of Engineering (for application orientation), Master of Science (for research orientation)
  • Duration: 1,5 year – 2 years. Total number of credits: 60 credits
  • Language of instruction: Vietnamese

II Objectives of the program

  • General objectives:

The graduates will enhance the professional knowledges in their specialty and be specialists in the area they are trained with critical and systematic thinking; they can use their knowledges to develop a new knowledge or may be upgraded to research doctoral level (for MSc) and solve practical problems of the electricity and energy industry (MEng.)

  • Specific objectives
  • Knowledge: The learners will be equiped with the up-to-date theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of Electrical Engineering so that they can have good access to advanced science and technology in the region and in the world, especially for the courses modernized under Erasmus+ ESSENCE project.

Students will be able to use proficiently modern equipment in the laboratory and specialized software in learning and research and implement research results in the actual production.

The graduates will be specialists in the above-mentioned area, who can work independently as well as a member of a team or the team leaders.

  • Skills: The learners will be capable to implement and fulfill the new works which may be complicated and unprecedented; to work as independent researchers to test the new solutions, to develop new technologies in the areas they are trained; their foreign language proficiency must be enough to understand the reports in their specialty and be able to communicate in their specialty and writing reports or scientific papers; be able to present their ideas, points of views or review the reports in their specialty.
  • Self learning and responsibility spirits: The graduates will be able to discover and resolve the problems in the specialty they are trained, and propose the new ideas and solutions; they can define their own directions of career developments, to adapt to the teamworking and highly competitive environment; to lead the professional team or to present ideas or opinions about the complicated problems in their specialty, to be able to defend and be responsible for their proposals; to be capable to set up and review plans, to be team leader; to be able to evaluate and anticipate the new developments in their specialty.

III. Structure of the program

  • Master of Engineering: 60 credits

– Mandatory modules: course “Phylosophy”: 3 credits

– Mandatory modules: essential courses: 24 credits

– Selective modules: 22 credits

– Graduation thesis: 11 credits

  • Master of Science: 60 credits

– Mandatory modules: course “Phylosophy”: 3 credits

– Mandatory modules: essential courses: 21 credits

– Selective modules: 18 credits

– Graduation thesis: 18 credits


To apply to the master program in Electrical Engineering, please contact us for further guidance:

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